I am excited to let you know that the third installment of the Liz & Toby Adventures is set to be released on April 7th. It just became available today on Kindle pre-order. Check it out: My Snake Smells Mummies.

Similar to My Dog Sees Ghosts and My Cat Hears Vampires, sister and brother, Liz & Toby unexpectedly find themselves in another slightly spooky adventure. This time they are on vacation with their moms in New Orleans, staying with their cousins in an old plantation house. The flight over has a bit of a surprise for the two, but soon they are enjoying the sites, sounds and flavors of New Orleans.

All is going well when a mysterious sound and shadowy figure in the night lead to questions about ghosts, mummies and more. Will the old journal their cousin found in the attic help them solve the mystery or just get them deeper into trouble?

I must say, I am enjoying getting to know Liz and Toby. The more I write about them, the more they reveal about themselves. For instance, I hadn’t expected the surprise Toby finds in his pocket, but it is clearly just so Toby! As for Liz, the more mysteries she helps unravel, the more intrigued she is by the process. In this book, we see her thinking more about what is happening and wondering about how to get more information.

I’ve gotten some early feedback about how people are enjoying the adventure of the story, but also how historical facts and vocabulary are interwoven within it. I want children (and adults!) to be entertained by these books, but if I can throw in some educational elements without it disrupting the flow of the story, I’ll do it!

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