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Dakota Duncan

I’m the author and illustrator of Endangered Species Superheroes and of the Liz & Toby Adventures.  I believe in words, art, conservation, the magical powers of animals, and pizza. (Who doesn’t believe in pizza, right?)


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Endangered species Superheroes

Teenaged Lindsey loves helping the injured animals at her grandfather’s wildlife sanctuary, assisting with his research and learning all about the animals.  It’s a peaceful life until evil villain Mace Zagan escapes from prison determined to destroy her grandfather and all of his research.  Lindsey and her sanctuary friends would do anything to help her grandfather.  Will they be able to defeat Mace Zagan before he succeeds with his evil plan?



My Other Books

The Liz & Toby Adventure Series

Liz and Toby are a sister and brother who love exploring the world around them and are always seeking new adventures. Liz is really smart and would do anything to keep her family members, even the furry ones, safe. Toby is very athletic and also passionate about their pets. Could their love of animals be attracting strange things into their lives? Until recently, Liz thought stories about ghosts and vampires were just made up to scare people, but with what she and Toby have seen lately, it might be that those stories are real!

Join Liz, Toby, their two moms, Melissa and Kim, their dog, Fred, and their cat, Sam for fun-filled, slightly spooky adventures in their hometown of Pinewood and in all the exciting places to which they travel.

The Liz & Toby Adventures are short chapter books, perfect for ages 7-11.


My Dog Sees Ghosts

Liz and Toby are having a great evening until their dog, Fred, gets loose and runs directly to Pinewood’s most haunted location. They are determined to get Fred back, even if it means going into the creepy, old haunted house. What is it about the place that makes Fred so interested in getting in? Could it be the same thing that Liz and Toby fear will never let them out?

My Cat Hears Vampires

Liz and Toby are camping out, playing games and having a great time visiting their aunt and uncle when their cat, Sam, disappears. The search for Sam leads to a mysterious tunnel, a strange bat, possible treasure, and tales of vampires! Will Liz and Toby discover the truth of what’s happening before the bat drives them all… batty?



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How To Call a Cat Vs. How to Call a Dog

How To Call a Cat Vs. How to Call a Dog

Cats aren’t just little dogs. That’s something dog people innately know, but still, we tend to approach them as if they are. Have you ever seen a dog-person trying to call a cat towards them? It’s awkward for anyone watching and irritates the...

Welcome from Dakota

Welcome from Dakota

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my website!  I'm the author of Endangered Species Superheroes and the Liz & Toby Adventures.  Something you'll probably notice as you read my books is that I love animals! When I was young, I used to dress up like the chimpanzee from...

My Challenge – Go Plastics Free on a 5-Day Trip

My Challenge – Go Plastics Free on a 5-Day Trip

I Tried to Go Plastics-Free On a 5-Day Trip Wins, Losses and Those Damn Plastic Straws The Challenge I recently detailed a cross-country trip that opened my eyes to how difficult it is to travel and be environmentally-friendly. Two weeks later, armed with more...