Hi! Thank you for stopping by my website!  I’m the author of Endangered Species Superheroes and the Liz & Toby Adventures.  Something you’ll probably notice as you read my books is that I love animals!

When I was young, I used to dress up like the chimpanzee from one of my favorite books and run around my backyard being an ape.  Renowned researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall was my first hero.  I wanted to be just like her. Even though science was not my destiny, writing books involving animals feels similar.  I get to introduce people to animal species they might not be familiar with and to new ways of thinking about how we interact and communicate with animals.

On my website you will find information about my books and some resources related to the books that you might find helpful.  For instance, wildlife conservation and the climate crisis are important to me, so I have shared ways for you and your family to learn about these topics.

Look around, enjoy, and if you like my books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.  🙂