This area highlights projects I have completed, things I am working on, and ideas about future creations.

Endangered Species Superheroes

endangered species superheroes

After nearly two years, my first graphic novel is finally available for sale on Amazon!  This has been a fun book to write and illustrate. Getting to know my characters as I was drawing them was quite a journey.  I am getting wonderful feedback on this book, especially from the wildlife conservation community.  My hopes are that this book will help raise awareness of endangered species and the environment in young people, and serve as a starting point for parents to have important conversations about these topics with their kids.

From the back cover:

Teenaged Lindsey loves helping out at her grandfather’s wildlife sanctuary, assisting with his research and learning all about the animals.

It’s a peaceful life until evil villain Mace Zagan escapes from prison determined to destroy her grandfather and all of his research. Lindsey would do anything to help her grandfather and so would her sanctuary friends; a sloth, a marine iguana and a tapir, all of whom are undergoing some very unusual transformations.

Will their new abilities be enough to defeat Mace Zagan before he succeeds with his evil plan?

For more details, and where to purchase the book  click here.


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Rescue Rhino
RR 1 with border

Rising Owl Studios is the home to my first comic, Rescue Rhino, a series about a Sumatran Rhino who has the ability to project herself as the cat she truly believes she is deep down inside.  I will not be continuing this series, however, the lovable rhino/cat character now resides in a tropical jungle with The Endangered Species Superheroes.



iOS App Artwork

Rising Owl Studios has released three simple “just for fun” apps.  My wife worked on the coding, while I created the artwork and music (with a bit of assistance from my son, Kelton, who was eager to help with Garage Band).

The most recent was Spooky Critters, a Halloween game.  I love Spike the Bat!




Creepy Icon copy



Last year, we released Copter Critters.  This is one of the three characters available.

Copter Icon Rounded



The very first was Alien Strike.